London’s Local Chambers Appointment New Chair And Deputy Chair

London’s Local Chambers (LLC) is a forum to promote membership, raise awareness, and influence of local Chambers across London.

After serving the three year term as the Chair of LLC, Helen McIntosh of South East London Chamber has decided to stand down, as too the Deputy Chair, Anne Newton, of Richmond Chamber of Commerce. The LLC would like to recognise the hard work that they have put in over a particularly challenging three year period and for providing closer links to the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). LLC looks forward to working with them in the future as contributors in the forum. Despina Johnson, the Chief Executive of Enterprise Enfield and North London Chamber of Commerce & Enterprise, will continue in her role as administrator during this transition for which we appreciate.

An election process was held and LLC are very pleased to welcome Forbes Low, Kingston Chamber of Commerce, as the new LLC Chair. He will be supported by Alan Rides, the Chief Executive Officer of West London Chambers of Commerce, as the Deputy Chair.

Forbes, the Chief Executive of Kingston Chamber of Commerce for over four years, said,
“I am delighted to be given this opportunity to be the Chair of London’s Local Chambers.
I am such a firm believer in the local value and business commitment Chambers can play in their respective London boroughs. I have seen this demonstrated time and time again and this is due to the leadership of these Chambers. I would like to thank Helen, Anne and Despina for all their work during the COVID period and for building the new relationships with London Chamber of Commerce. LLC is in a better position due to their commitment.”

I am looking forward to working alongside Alan who has considerable business experience, an enviable networking knowledge. The question is who does he not know!

Alan notes, “Building on the determination of our predecessors at London’s Local Chambers (LLC), we would like to acknowledge their excellent work and achievements, this in turn sets a high bar for Forbes and I to clear. With the challenges of a winter of again rising fuel prices and an economy remaining stagnant, local Chambers across the capital will be called upon by businesses to provide help like never before. Uniting all of LLC together to face these challenges will be a tough task, but through unity and determination, we are determined we can achieve success for our LLC and deliver growth for our membership over our next three-year term.”

There are many challenges ahead but I am confident we will meet them. Each month seems to bring new changes and we all need to adept to keep up with the demands. However, first and foremost, we are here to serve our business memberships. By working more closely together, learning and getting inspired from each other, we can raise the bar for what we can do as individual Chambers, as the LLC and most importantly, for our members.